About the UFO

The Unique Futuristic Oasis is ultimately a non-profit futuristic community lounge, a community lounge that not only serves the best coffee, beer, wine and food in town, but also the best ideas. Always serving quality over quantity to its patrons.

The lounge concept was first introduced to the
City of Folsom on November 16, 1996 by James Mickelson.
The lounge’s futuristic design is inspired from
natural elements of the local area, the architectural elements
of the Historical Rainbow Bridge Crossing and
artists including Storm Thorgerson and Alex Grey.
The Unique Futuristic Oasis currently produces four events
annually that bring in great artistic talent. These events feature
talented artists and musicians that travel from all over
California to attend.

Location, Location, Location

Location is very important to the Unique Futuristic Oasis.
The property we have selected for the first location has an exceptional view overlooking beautiful Lake Natoma, the American River and Rainow Bridge and whats cosidered the gateway into Folsom. The land is C3 commercial property and is located at the intersection of Folsom-Auburn Road and Greenback Lane. The site is intended to be developed by 2009, after the new Folsom Dam Road reopens and another environmental impact report is done. Environmental impact is very important to the Unique Futuristic Oasis. All parties envolved must feel comfortable with the project when it comes to development to insure a positive and sustainable future for genertions to come.

Future Facility Vision

The UFO will function as a community meeting place, events venue and educational facility. UFO visitors in the future facility will be immersed into a world of sound, light, music and art. Built with superior acoustics to attract only the best big name artists. Every visit to the UFO is and always will be an experience to be remembered. The planetarium programs will be a central feature. Consistently new programs give people of all ages an experience worth a visit again and again. Many playful interactive exhibits will be located throughout the facility, inviting visitors to explore their world using cutting edge technologies. The UFO will most certainly be a landmark attraction for the City of Folsom. The UFO intends to serve coffee, beer and wine along with high quality food and entertainment for the purpose of fund raising for the charity.

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Unique Futuristic Oasis® is a registered trademark of the Unique Futuristic Oasis, Inc., a US-registered 501(c)(3) tax-deductible nonprofit charity.
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